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Mr. S.(Shuai) Zhang LL.M, a final-year PhD candidate (2012.10-2016.10) at Willem Pompe Institute, Utrecht University. With a strong international background and a good knowledge about China's legal system, he is now, financed by the Chinese government, working on a comparative research about transparency and legitimacy of the Chinese criminal justice system, especially from the perspective of disclosure mechanism in criminal proceedings, so as to further evaluate in an international context the overall quality of Chinese criminal procedure, and thus propose some tentative solutions to its current problems, both in theoretical and practical terms. Besides, he is also focusing on new types of cyber-crimes and criminal justice

Why is a legal “case” literally called a “desk” in Chinese?


Sjaak Zhang

Trials in China largely consist of written documents collected in a dossier rather than in oral debates. This perception and administration of (criminal) justice is deeply entrenched in China’s legal culture, which can be well illustrated by China’s peculiar terminology on (criminal) trial.  Continue reading

Should the national day be considered as the birthday of the mother country? The conflict between two kinds of outlooks on the concept of “country”


national_day_decorations_-_beihai_parkSjaak Zhang

During the past week, China was celebrating its 67th national day; meanwhile, an intense controversy as to whether the national day should be considered as the birthday of the mother country arose, which has demonstrated Chinese people’s confusion about what constitute a country. This blog seeks to briefly explain where such confusion lies, and how it comes. Continue reading