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Marc Simon Thomas is a legal anthropologist with broad experience on legal pluralism, customary legal systems, indigenous rights, interlegality, and dispute settlement. Has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Guatemala and Ecuador. Has published articles and a booklet, and has delivered several papers and presentations at international professional and academic conferences on topics in legal pluralism and interlegality, especially concerning Ecuador. Inspiring, skilled and experienced supervisor of MA and BA research projects; has taught several courses at the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, and Wageningen. Currently, Marc works as a postdoctoral researcher at the "Montaigne Centre" for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution.

Access to Mediation

mediationMarc Simon Thomas

In the NRC Handelsblad a piece written by my colleagues Grootelaar and Van den Bos was recently published on the new mediation legislation. Apart from this article the public debate concerning mediation appears to be at a standstill for some time. The lull before the storm, I suppose. Although the private member’s bills submitted by the (then) member of the second chamber Ard van der Steur Wet bevordering van mediation in het burgerlijk recht, Wet registermediation and Wet mediation in het bestuursrecht are recently withdrawn, the Dutch government has indicated to come up with a bil of its own. This will likely lead to a new stream of articles in newspapers and legal journals. A recurring theme will presumably be the ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘self-reliance’ of citizens. But actually, as I argue in this blog, the obvious ambiguity of these concepts will force us to reflect on the access to mediation. Continue reading