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Qinxuan Peng is a PhD researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights Research (SIM) of Utrecht University by means of the scholarship of Chinese Scholar Council, a research fellow of the National High-Level Think Tank at the Institute of International Law of Wuhan University and an associate at DeHeng Civil Code NV in the Netherlands.

Local Resident Committee: Promoting access to justice for migrant women domestic helpers in China

Hukou_zhQinxuan Peng

China has undergone great transformation in the turbulent years since the establishment of the new government in 1949. New practices have been woven with old traditions into a complicated social background. This has many implications, including for the living status of migrant women working as domestic helpers in China. According to estimates, there are more than 270 million migrant workers with rural living registration (Hukou) working in urban areas, who are therefore excluded from various public services and social benefits supported by urban governments. With an increasing number of women in China entering the labour market, gender discrimination, the gender pay gap, and occupation segregation are still conspicuous in practice. With the economic boost and labour expansion, millions of domestic workers are in need throughout China, yet their basic human and labour rights are not guaranteed by law. An extreme illustrative case about the poor working situation is that of Cai Minmin, a rural migrant girl working as a domestic servant who was abused for five years by her host, which perhaps reveals the tip of an Iceberg. Continue reading