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Protecting the rule of law by European Courts – which way to go?

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The rule of law is under pressure in many States. In recent times, for example, Hungary and Poland have been severely criticised for changes they have made to their systems that undermine judicial impartiality and independence. Moreover, in several States, the pluriformity of the media is under pressure, the role of civil society is threatened, and the fundamental rights of minorities and asylum seekers are breached. These are all worrisome signs of the erosion of democracy and the rule of law in Europe. An important question is what can be done to stop this process of erosion and protect the values underlying the rule of law? Of course, political mechanisms can be used, but people and institutions also increasingly turn to supranational courts such as the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and the Court of Justice of the EU (ECJ). For example, in Hungary, the number of applications lodged at the ECtHR concerning rule of law issues has surged, and in Poland, both the Supreme Court and other Polish courts have brought rule of law issues to the ECJ’s attention. From a strategic perspective, the question can be asked whether it makes a difference for those who want to be involved in this type of litigation to address either the ECtHR or the ECJ with rule of law concerns?This post argues that it does, because of the differences in procedure and approach taken by the two European Courts. Lees verder

Conflicten tussen burgers en de overheid: procederen tot je erbij neervalt?

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Martje Boekema

Procederen tegen de overheid is een goed recht van burgers maar ook een uitdaging, die voor hen zelden succesvol uitpakt. “De rechtspraak is een glibberig pad” en “Van de overheid kun je niet winnen”, zo typeren burgers hun ervaringen met de bestuursrechtspraak. Desondanks wordt er in bestuursrechtelijke procedures toch veel geprocedeerd en vooral doorgeprocedeerd: tegen rechtbankuitspraken van bestuursrechters wordt massaal hoger beroep ingesteld door burgers. Is dat een probleem? Ik denk het wel. In dit blog laat ik zien waarom dit problematisch is en stel ik twee oplossingen voor. Lees verder